Top Tips When Hiring A Boat Mechanic

Are you worried about an overheating or smoking boat engine? You may need a boat mechanic to conduct repairs and routine servicing on your boat. Below is a comprehensive guide on the various considerations you should make when hiring a boat mechanic. 

Conduct a Local Search

Conduct an internet search to identify boat mechanics in your locality. Google My Business listings, Internet maps, blogs and social media will help you locate mechanics in your area. Check the mechanic's internet ratings and reviews to ascertain his or her reputation. Besides, examine the mechanic's website or Google My Business page to identify what services he or she provides, the location of his or her workshop, business contacts and the mechanic's operating hours.   


Preferably, you should work with a mechanic specialising in your type or model of boat. Some mechanics will specialise with a specific brand while others deal with particular repairs such as engine or propeller maintenance. A specialised mechanic will have an easy time diagnosing your boat. Besides, he or she will give preventive maintenance tips to extend the longevity of the boat. For example, proper winterisation will prevent clogs in the fuel lines and the engine.

Charges, Terms and Conditions

Contact a few boat mechanics and inquire how much they will charge for repairs. Most mechanics will have a fixed charge if you require to replace a specific part. However, they may not be in a position to give an over the phone quote if the boat needs complex repairs such as rebuilding the engine.

Many boat mechanics will help you source new or used OEM parts. They have long-term relationships with manufacturers and boat wrecking yards. As such, they may be in a position to provide cheap and hard-to-access parts. 

Examine the mechanic's terms and conditions. Some of your concerns should include the following: 

What is the average waiting time? It will help you plan your activities. For instance, you may need to postpone a fishing trip if the repairs will take a few days.

Does the mechanic provide guarantees on the repairs and spare parts? It will help improve your confidence in the mechanic's services.

How much of a deposit will the mechanic require? How and when should you pay the remaining amount?

Does the mechanic provide remote and 24/7 services? It is a suitable option if your boat is stalled or if it breaks down during a weekend or holiday. 

Regular maintenance will help you avoid expensive repairs. Change the oil, water pump, spark plugs and filters on time. Clean and wax the boat to get rid of mould, moisture and rust.   

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