4 Reasons to Try an Electric Mountain Bike

When most people think of electric bikes, they picture bikes that are only ever meant to be taken on smooth paths. In fact, people often assume that electric bikes are only useful for older riders who might get tired during a journey and need some assistance.

However, electric mountain bikes are also available, and they are becoming increasingly popular even with the most hardcore riders. Here are just four reasons why.

1. Reduced Effort

The most obvious benefit of an electric mountain bike is also one of the most attractive. Since they can provide power, you don't have to work as hard. That can be nice for any type of bike, but mountain bikers are going to be particularly impressed by an electric bike's ability to make uphill rides less taxing. Even if you have the strength and endurance to cycle up rough terrain, it's much better to arrive at the top of a trail feeling refreshed and relaxed rather than out of breath. You'll be more in control on the downward journey, and you'll probably find yourself wanting to stay out longer.

2. Greater Speed

The assistance provided by electric mountain bikes allows you to travel at high speeds for long periods. Having that extra speed makes flatter terrain feel more exciting. More importantly, it helps significantly increase your range. Since you'll be able to travel further than normal without eating up more time, that added speed can mean making it to more distant trails and exploring more of what local trail systems have to offer.

3. Ability to Add Weight

The added weight that comes with motors and batteries might not sound great, but that weight is positioned low on the frame to create a noticeably low centre of gravity. This can greatly improve stability and handling, giving you the confidence to tackle tough trails without breaking a sweat. Additionally, the power assistance provided by an electric mountain bike lets you add things that a normal bike couldn't accommodate, such as more rugged suspension systems.

4. Added Capability

Every mountain biker understands that even a touch more power can boost exhilaration by providing added air as you go over jumps and helping you cross technical obstacles with less effort. As such, many are surprised by just how much added capability is provided by an electric mountain bike. Whether you're taking off from ramps with more speed or clambering over larger rocks than you could previously handle, that added power will really make itself known.  

For more info about electric bikes, contact a local company. 

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